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That was extremely frustrating when it shouldn't even have been an option to pickup at 8 am.

NBC really went all-in on its revivals with a Will & Grace renewal and talk of more 30 Rock and The Office, but one must-see-comedy in particular can hear the blues a-calling.

Asked if the seat could be moved up because I am so small but was told by person giving the car to me that it did not have ability to move the seat up.

Drive it 200 miles in an uncomfortable manner until at my destination my brother showed me how to move up the seats.

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    It also features the use of multi-lingual and multi-dialectic translations of the Bible.

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    Honoring this day and the commitment that you made to one another can turn the day into one as special as the day of your actual wedding over a 1 year ago.

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    Our fast ferry service allows visitors the ability to save a lot of time by eliminating the need to drive through summer traffic congestion and highway construction in Providence, Fall River, New Bedford and the busy Bourne Bridge on Cape Cod - not to mention the gasoline you will save!

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    I remembered that on a recent episode of the Travel Channel’s (2006-present), the eponymous host shared some screen time in Africa with an elderly, nearly nude woman whose pendulous bosoms were not blurred out. Kids might be watching (they’re not watching the nature programs, right? Exposure to the body parts half the world’s population was born with might lead to licentiousness and depravity. In America, sex is all over the telly and absent from it at the same time.