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We rebranded in January this year to be the social media guide, which is a bit more holistic: looking at the whole spectrum — how tools like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube are affecting media [and] society.

Obviously when it started out nobody was really sure that blogging was going to take off or come to be anything, or be something that would make people money. It was only a few thousand per month, but it kind of legitimized blogging as a business.

You have to imagine the whole world that exists, because it's all kind of in your head.

I dashed into a pub for shelter at the same time as Arabella.

Arabella and I had arranged to meet at a new Italian down by the Thames.

Pete Cashmore attracts 45m visitors a month to Mashable, the news site he began as a schoolboy.

Now, the Scottish tycoon tells Iain Dey, he has found a way to produce programmes guaranteed to be a hit with a youth audience Pete Cashmore has just turned 30.


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