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Produkt na zamówienie - sprowadzany z zagranicy lub wykonywany specjalnie dla Klienta.

Czas realizacji zamówienia jest uzależniony od dostępności towaru u naszych wykonawców, dostawców i producentów.

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Prosimy pamiętać również, że to samo zdjęcie na każdym monitorze będzie wyświetlone w innej kolorystyce.

Zdjęcia zostały wykonane w określonych warunkach oświetleniowych, które mają istotny wpływ na wygląd prezentowanych produktów.

Wherever reference is made to actors or vi Publishers* Note to other living authorities, the opinions quoted are, with a few exceptions, from personal correspondence or interview. The Works of William Shakespeare, edited by William Aldis Wright. Kent & Co., 1875.) Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain and the United Kingdom, edited by G. On Early English Pronunciation, with Especial Reference to Shakspere and Chaucer. They w Ul speak plainly, distinctly, and with the proper emphasis, be their voices Author's Foreword xvii ever so bad. When r occurs at the end of a word, the final syllable often becomes equivalent to the indefinite " sound as in fa'-tfe " (father) ; in some other words the r final disappears, with the result that the preceding vowel is lengthened; e. lii Introductory Foreign (Adopted) Sounds There are a number of foreign sounds that have come to be used in the English language almost as commonly as the native sounds. When a surname and a Christian name occur together, the full name will be found under both letters: e. In all such cases the information will be duplicated wherever the convenience of the reader will be served. Dream of making friends with a model you cant imagine own life without?Would love to feel all the passion of her sorceries? It is only with ATK Premium that youll open fresh lassies together with promoted maidens.Authority is cited in the case of dis- puted pronunciations and in many merely interesting instances. Where a name occurs but once in all Shakespeare, the line, if metrical, is quoted. (London and New York: Macmillan & Co., 1902.) Catholic Encyclopedia. E C, (London: George Bell & Sons, 1887.) Cunliffe, Richard John. (London: Blackie & Son, 1910.) Dictionary of National Biography, by Leslie Stephen and Sidney Lee. (London: Triibner & Co., 1869-1889; Parts I, II, and III published also by Asher & Co., in London and Berlin.) Encyclopaedia Britannica. The Works of William Shakespeare — in Reduced Facsimil from the Famous First Folio Edition of 1623, with an Introduction by J. Had Roscius spoken quick, thick, and un- gracefully, I will answer for it, that Cicero would not have thought him worth the oration which he made in his favour. This sound resembles the long e (e) Explanation of Key to Pronunciation li or the short i (i), with the added escape of the air over the sides of the tongue. They have become so much a part of it that no one who makes any pretense to culture can remain ignorant of their correct pronunciation. Note: Ordinary names or titles such as Earl, Cardinal, Nicholas, etc., when occurring with more than three characters are exceptions to this rule. No discussion or description of names in black-faced type is given, unless there is more than one character bearing that name. Abergavenny (a,b"-er-g'i-ven'-i or ab'-er-gen"-i) or Aber- ga'ny (ab'-er-gen"-i), Lord. According to Charles Rann Kennedy the name is pronounced locally (ab'-er-gen"-i). In addition other lines are occasionally quoted in corroboration of pronunciation. Besides the alphabetical list of names in the dictionary proper, the book presents separately the complete Dramatis Persons of each play, so that by turning over the 47 pages at the back of the book, one may rapidly compare the separate lists of characters, instead of turning to thirty-seven different plays in possibly as many volumes. (New York: Robert Appleton Co., 1907-1914.) Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia — Vol. (New York: The Century Co., 1911.) viii Bibliography Clarke's Concordance. (London: Smith, Elder & Co., begun in 1885.) Dictionnaire de la Langue Frangaise, par £. (Paris: Librairie Hachette et Cie., 1873.) Dyce, Rev. A Glossary to the Works of William Shakespeare, revised by Harold Littledale. Words were given us to communicate our ideas by; and there must be something unconceivably absurd in uttering them in such a manner that either people cannot understand them, or will not desire to understand them." Whatever may be said of the beauty of our language, we cannot pretend that it is consistent; it were futile to at- tempt to pour all names into one mold, and pronounce them in accordance with definite rules; that would be like rhyming cough with bough, and tough with dough — they look alike, but they defy consistency and are the despair of foreigners. This sound closely resembles the long double o (oo), but the Hps are more firmly closed and more rounded for w than for oo. Such words as menu, Goethe, encore, chauffeur, bon voyage, are encountered daily in conversation and in books. Acting characters are listed by the name under which they appear in the Dramatis Personc B. In such cases only one entry of the name or title is made with the direction "See the specific names." 4. The customary in- formation concerning characters in the Dramatis Personc B will be found in the last section of this book. When the same name occurs outside of the play in which a character of that name has an acting part, the name is entered in light-faced type, and a definition or explanation added: e. Abel (a'-b^'l), in biblical history, a son of Adam and Eve. Produkty bowiem częściowo absorbują, a częściowo odbijają światło i jego barwę.


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