A visual language for querying and updating graphs

Just the 2015 data alone records nearly three quarters of a trillion emotional snapshots and more than 1.5 billion location references, while its total archives span more than 215 years, making it one of the largest open-access spatio-temporal datasets in existance and pushing the boundaries of "big data" study of global human society.

Its Global Knowledge Graph connects the world's people, organizations, locations, themes, counts, images and emotions into a single holistic network over the entire planet.

The GDELT Analysis Service is a free cloud-based service that offers a variety of tools and services to allow you to visualize, explore, and export both the GDELT Event Database and the GDELT Global Knowledge Graph.

Azure Cosmos DB is a globally distributed, multi-model database for mission critical applications.A key concept of the system is the graph (or edge or relationship), which directly relates data items in the store.The relationships allow data in the store to be linked together directly, and in many cases retrieved with one operation.Azure Cosmos DB provides the Graph API for applications that need to model, query, and traverse large graphs efficiently using the Gremlin standard. NET Core libraries via Nuget that provide Gremlin extension methods on top of the Azure Cosmos DB SDKs.Azure Cosmos DB's graph API is currently in public preview. These libraries provide an "in-proc" Gremlin server that can be used to connect directly to Azure Cosmos DB data partitions.This sample shows how to setup your development environment with Azure Cosmos DB graph APIs, create a graph, adding, updating, and removing vertices and edges from the graph, and performing queries and traversals using Gremlin.


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