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The manual states that to initially connect your Verizon phone to the 3G Network Extender, it is recommended to be within 15 feet of the device, though we were able to connect up to 50 feet away.

We also like the fact that up to to the 3G Network Extender at one time (with a 7th channel left open for 911 emergency calls), which is a nice improvement over the earlier model that only allowed 3 phones to be connected at once.

ACM (AT&T Communications Manager) supports Win7 on Gobi-2000 only.

Fierce Wireless is reporting that Verizon has accelerated the planed shutdown of its 1x RTT 2G voice and data network.

The Sierra Wireless Watcher connection manager, Driver and Firmware for the Sierra Wireless MC7700 module supports AT&T 4G (LTE) network connectivity.

This software is for all 4G LTE ready Toughbook computers with Windows XP and Windows 7 including Toughbook models CF-19, CF-31, CF-53, CF-H2, CF-C1 and CF-C2.

Verizon hopes to remedy that with its new Verizon Wireless Network Extender, a femtocell that essentially adds a mini cell tower in your own home via your home's broadband network.

Sprint also has a version, called the Sprint Airave, which we reviewed last year.

This upgrade will change the necessary settings to enable CMAS on your device as mandated by the FCC as well as eliminate intermittent modem disconnects thereby improving network connectivity.At the Deutsche Bank db Access Media, Internet, and Telecom conference yesterday, Verizon came out strongly in favor of LTE-only phones.Fran Shammo, CFO of Verizon, made it clear that once voice over LTE (Vo LTE) is rolled out across the network, LTE-only phones will hit store shelves.By deprecating the old tech, we will be hastening better sounding calls across the board.(See: Next-generation LTE radios with Vo LTE will reduce power consumption by 50%.)Verizon is talking a good game about how dropping support for CDMA will substantially reduce costs of devices and allow for deeper subsidies. LTE coverage is still far from universal, and we can only cross our fingers and hope that Verizon will have the follow-through to reach every single market already covered by 3G.The bottom WAN light will slowly flash blue to show that it’s connected to your home internet, and will flash faster during a call or when data is used. The manual recommends placing the 3G Network Extender near a window so that it can lock on the GPS signal, but in those instances where the GPS light stays red and cannot find a signal, there is a 23-foot extension cable that will allow you to remove the GPS module and place it closer to a window.


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