Repositoryexception while updating documents in master repository

Rather, the focus here is how to detect and resolve Web Sphere Application Server configuration conflicts that can arise from parallel updates of the Web Sphere Application Server configuration.

Some time back I authored a column that discussed speeding up application deployment in Web Sphere Application Server in order to negate the need to pursue parallel application deployments during a system maintenance window -- which can lead to the very conflicts that are the subject of this column.

Among them when I was trying to update/uninstall the one EAR file, while saving to the Master Save Configuration the WAS 6.1 is throwing me the execption for which I couldnot able to deploy my updated package.

Please respond me with your solution for the below error log which displays on the WAS 6.1 console.

As example, for hrev50380: " you can now downgrade to that hrev50380. You should report the regression and help to fix it, if you can.

Once fixed - watch the commit logs - you can change back to the "current" repo.

CWSDK0009E: Unexpected exception Config Service Exception: Repository Exception while updating documents in master repository CWSDK1018I: Profile App Srv01 could not be enabled to use SDK 1.7_64. See previous messages CWSDK1004I: Profile App Srv01 : CWSDK1006I: PROFILE_COMMAND_SDK = 1.6_64 CWSDK1008I: Node mvm-w Node01 SDK name: 1.6_64 CWSDK1009I: Server server1 SDK name: 1.7_64 CWSDK1001I: Successfully performed the requested managesdk task.

Further, in the last Web Sphere Contrarian, I recommended a dual cell approach for performing maintenance -- both software and hardware -- as a mechanism for minimizing or even eliminating outages for a maintenance window.

While the two approaches mentioned previously are still my recommended approaches for performing application maintenance within a given timeframe, if for some reason you find that one or both or these options aren’t viable in your environment, you can employ parallel application deployment as another option by following the steps outlined here.


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